Friday, January 23, 2009

PhoneBAK BB (Anti-theft for BlackBerry)

With the latest advanced feature to wipe out confidential information in the stolen BlackBerry remotely, PhoneBAK mobile security software also tracks down the thief via SMS text alert, email, IMEI, IMSI and even pinpoint with the location all in stealth mode!
"New services help consumers keep track of their gadgets'

PhoneBAK BB (WipeOut) edition is the latest mobile security software from BAK2u that tracks down the thief, the stolen BlackBerry (GSM network) and most importantly protects the confidential information.

We know how important the BlackBerry is for mobile warriors on the road, and with the intelligent use of SMS text, email, IMEI, IMSI, location of thief and contact number to assist in getting the stolen device bak2u!
Confidential Data WipeOut
Send SMS text to wipe out sensitive information in realtime; 'Contacts, Categories, Emails, Phone Logs, Events, Memos, To Do Lists and Home User Subfolders' of the stolen BlackBerry!
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