Saturday, January 23, 2010

Free Blackberry Storm Game

Blackberry Blackhole Free GameBlackberry Blackhole Free Game

Blackhole is a very simple game that uses your storms accelerometer. You simply tilt your phone and try to roll the ball into the blackhole. It gets complicated with each level when you have to balance multiple balls or objects.

download : Blackhole Blackberry Storm

Free Paypal App for your Blackberry

Blackberry Paypal Software

When Ebay released their official Blackberry app, it was just common sense a Paypal would follow. You don't need to see far to the future to predict that mobile payment system is going to be big, its just a matter of time before people get use to it.
Paypal's app for the Blackberry is simple enough to use to send money, I just wish they added an invoice feature so I can request money from my customers. That would have made made this software perfect for business users. But overall its a must have app and better than using your phone's browser to access paypal.

download: Paypal Blackberry Software

Freee Vonage Client For BlackBerry

Blackberry Vonage Software

I'm still waiting for a true VOIP service that works with the Blackberry, I was hoping Vonage would come out with a true VOIP app that would work over WIFI. Altough Vonage does not do this, its hard to deny having a Vonage app in your Blackberry is a great option. Using Vonage you can take advantage of low international calling rates and even use a pay as you go option. The sound quality is really good using Vonage to make calls, just be aware the software dials a local US number to route your calls. Having the Vonage app dial a local number is not all bad since it makes compatible with even the Blackberry phones.

Download Vonage for the Blackberry: Vonage Software

Portable Podcatcher Freeware for Your Blackberry

The people from PodcastReady created the most convenient Podcast client. PodcastReady's MyPodder software is a podcast client that is actually portable, enabling you to directly install it to your mp3 player, in our case our Blackberry. MyPodder is simply like having a portable version of itunes in your Blackberry that you can update whenever you plug in your Blackberry to a Windows, Mac and even a Linux machine. As long as the computer you connect to your Blackberry has mass storage support you can run MyPodder and download your latest audio and video podcasts.

To get the latest version of myPodder you need to create a free account in the Podcast Ready website and download the "All in one version(Windows,Mac,Linux)". You then need to install MyPodder to your Blackberrys media card, preferably inside the Blackberry folder so all your audio and video podcast can be recognize by your Blackberry's media player.

Creating new podcast is easy you just choose the podcast you like in the Podcast Ready website and your list will show up in your Blackberry's myPodder automatically. You can also follow any Podcast not found in Podcast Ready by just entering the RSS feed.

It can't get much easier than this, I can now download Podcasts while I'm charging my Blackberry. Just in case for some reason you don't want to create an account in Podcast Ready I've included a link to an older version of myPodder that does not require opening an account.

Download Lastest version of myPodder: Podcast Ready ( req a free account )
Download Old version of myPodder: Podcast Ready Old Version (RSS links have to be manually entered)

Free Blackberry Financial App

Blackberry Yahoo finance mobileBlackberry Yahoo Finance App

Yahoo Finance is one of the top 5 financial portals in the Internet. Its not surprising a roll out of smartphone apps for the Yahoo fanance was just a matter of time. I'm just glad the Blackberry was one number one in their list.

Yahoo Finance for the Blackberry currently has these features;

- Currency Search
- Financial new aggregator
- Stock quotes and graphs
- View your Yahoo Finance Portfolio
- Real time data and after market analysis
- Statistics

Overall the software is a solid financial app for the blackberry I can't for them to open a UK version.

download: Yahoo Finance Blackberry